Our feature book:

Scientific Evidences of God

My Journey of Discovery

For those who want to understand how scientific discoveries align with the Bible, this is a must read.

The author is not a scientist, but has a passion for science and the Bible. 

This book is a compilation of notes and presentations accumulated during the course of his journey through discovery that was spurred on by the controversy over evolution and creation.

As you read through the pages of his book, you will travel with him as he develops his understanding of God and the scientific connection that supports God’s Word. 

The Apple Books version is available for free download in Canada and the United States for a limited time.

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(Best Viewed with Scrolling View off.)  on your iPad or Mac. 108 pages

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ISBN  9781530090051

(The following description is for the Apple Book’s for iPad and Mac version that has more capability than Kindle with its Pop-ups and scrolling pictures. The Kindle version does not have all the Bible referenced texts from these pop-ups so is limited to web references, but still a good second choice espeicailly for PC’s as it has many active links to Youtube videos and web sites.)

There are more than 200 pop-ups and links to other source material within this eBook, providing hundreds of additional pages of information and Videos from within the ebook and on the internet.  This book is designed more as an ebook than paperback, making a vast amount of information available with just a touch or a mouse click.

Chapter 1 - My Slide Presentation

Slide titles within section include:

1. Scientific Evidences of God

2. Evolution Model

3. Biblical Creation Account

4. Science Makes more discoveries that align with creation

5. God Created the heaven and the Earth

6. Space has properties

7. Big Bang: Cosmic Microwave background

8. God stretches out the heavens

9. Age of the Earth

10. The Genesis Flood

11. Evolution

12. Outdated science from limited knowledge

13. Consider the mouse trap - 5 basic parts

14. The Equation for Life

15. Discovery of DNA

16. DNA is evidence of a supremely intelligent designer

17. Complexity of the Cell

18. Each cell functions as a miniature city

19. Designs don’t happen by accident

20. Seeking out scientific discovery

21. God holds all things together

22. And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground

23. Jesus is the resurrection and the life

24. Final Victory

Chapter 2 - Scientific Discovery and Bible Authority

 - Scientific Discovery and Bible Authority

 - Some Thoughts

      - One Way speed of Light

      - Heavens like a curtain - Quantum steps in red-shift

      - Quantized Red Shift

      - Distant Starlight

      - Zero Point Energy

 - Other scientific discoveries that were first in the Bible

Chapter 3 - Miracles of the Bible

 - Old Testament Miracles

 - Miracles of Jesus

Chapter 4 - The Bible

 - Some Bible Facts

Chapter 5 - References

Chapter 6 - About the Author

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